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Shop our 3DStore.us for 3D Blu-Ray Players, 3D Glasses, 3D-TVs, and everything else 3D.  Top 3D providers; Gunnar, Real D, MicroVision3D, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, nVIDIA, LG, eDimensional, ViewSonic, Optoma, iTV Googles, Vuzix and "Universal 3D Glasses" coming online soon.  

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After years of top optical research by the world’s leading optical scientists and engineers, they have finally developed 3D-Glasses for personal ownership for viewing 3D Movies, and 3D content in various mediums.

Coming soon will also be exciting improvements for 3D optics wearers who need "Prescription-3D-Glasses"  for their 3D viewing enjoyment.

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